This website contains a collection of several travel stories, which will give you a sense of our experiences on a number of trips that we have made since 2010.

The idea for these travel stories was born as we prepared to visit Istanbul, Turkey. I bought a rather handsome looking PaperBlank notebook in order to write a report for the homefront. The result of that effort can be found in the Istanbul section, but reports are also available for Luxembourg, Prague, Croatia and Morocco.

The travel notebook for Croatia in the Marjan park. The travel notebook for Croatia in the Marjan park (Split, Croatia; 2013).

These stories are not intended to be highly detailed reports with a large amount of background information on the local highlights. They offer a more light-hearted and hopefully somewhat humorous outlook on the experiences that we have had during our holidays and the sights we have seen.

This website allows the stories to be easily shared with friends, family and anyone else who might take an interest. You will find them accompanied by photos and the occasional video for that genuine ‘Holiday 2.0’ feeling. And if you enjoy these stories about half as much as we have had experiencing them, then my mission is a success. Enjoy the read!

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