Croatia (2013)


Another year, another report! We have been informed by many people that Croatia is quite beautiful and is really growing in popularity as a tourist destination.

After some internet research we planned a route that should in two weeks take us from Split through Šibenik to Zadar and back again. With a few trips to the various National Parks in Croatia (Krka, Kornati and Plitvice), that should guarantee us a great vacation on the Adriatic coast.

A small boat floats in one of the Croatian isles’ harbour. Croatia: blue skies, islands, boats and obscenely clear blue waters.

This year too, a trusty Paperblank journal was used to neatly keep a report of all the things we saw, experienced and did. And once again, the result of that effort can be found on these pages. We once again wish you a good time reading our stories and watching our photos!

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