Istanbul (2010)


Vonne and I spent October 12th through 20th, 2010, rampaging through Istanbul, Turkey. Our experiences there were meticulously noted down in a beautifully bound travel journal, which is now available fully digitalised on this very website!

Accompanying the story, which is a straight copy from how it was written during the journey, you will also find a small selection of the many photos that we made. And when I say that the photos on here are a small selection, you may get an idea of just how many we actually made. In addition, you should also find a few videos and a couple of links to more information about the sights that we encountered.

So, to summarise: an incredible multimedial spectacle awaits you, which I hope will give you some idea of the atmosphere of Istanbul—the world's only city on two continents and one that manages to have about one and a half as many inhabitants as my entire country of the Netherlands does. No kidding, there!

View of the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque. View of the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque.

The links will take you to the individual days of our journey or to more information on the subject. You'll also find, conveniently placed, the pictures that go along with the events for each day. Click on them to view them in all of their glory. Enjoy!

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