Istanbul (2010)

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The return journey. We depart very early from Atatürk International Airport and review a wonderful week!

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Way too early in the morning our final wake-up call in Istanbul goes off. We grab our bags in the darkness, put on the clothes laid out and for the last time close the door of room № 501. We pay by creditcard at the reception—it is a good thing I remembered to memorise its security code before departing, and a taxi is called for us which arrives two minutes later to bring us to Atatürk Havalimanı.

The plane departs with a half-hour delay, unquestionably caused by the people at the exit to the shuttlebus who review each passport page by page as if they are about to call out “Hah! A fine attempt, but this line on page sixteen is not of the right color! This is a forgery!”. Of course this does not happen and the shuttlebus eventually takes us to the waiting aircraft. Other than some light turbulence, we have a quiet flight and land at Schiphol Airport just after eleven in the morning. In the short journey from the airport to our house we see sunshine twice and hailstorms thrice, so the weather is giving us a typical Dutch welcome. Is it just a day ago, or a century, that we sat on a bench in the sun between the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque?


Of course we have noticed a few things on vacation, so here is a list!

We have had an absolutely wonderful week, so Istanbul: thanks a lot and hopefully until we meet again!

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