Luxembourg (2011)


For the 2011 summer—in as far as one can speak of a summer in my small country—Vonne and I chose Luxembourg as our destination. Quite possibly not the most exotic place, where you lie in the shade underneath the palmtrees sipping from a cocktail in between the locals, but it met two very convenient criteria.

For one, it is easy to drive to, a useful benefit since we had Vonne’s parents’ car available to us and second, they have a good amount of campsites. And that is a good thing as we had just bought a nice tent and two inflatable chairs. In addition, I had never been there before (other than passing through) and we had heard quite a few good stories about the former Dutch duchy (pun not intended).

The Gëlle Fra: monument and symbol for Luxembourgish independence. The Gëlle Fra: monument and symbol for Luxembourgish independence.

This time, the report is not a day-to-day account of our adventures. I had not bought a booklet to write in every evening, and we also spent several days on the campsite, relaxing in our chairs with plenty of food, drinks and a large bag of books within arms’ reach. Although one would wish at the time that every day was like that and one would not have to return home and to work for another month or two, they might not provide the most interesting reading material.

The links will therefor take you to several trips we took from the campsite, to the cities of Luxembourg, Vianden and Echternach, as well as to an account of several walks in Little Switzerland we made. Of course this time photos and a movie are included to let you experience it all for yourself!

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