Morocco (2016)


What would you do if you were invited to spend ten days in Morocco for fairly little money with someone who knows the country well? Yup, so do we. Morocco, then!

Morocco had been on our wishlist for some time, so when we were informed late 2015 that there were a few places available in a group heading there, our interest was immediately piqued. Especially since the organiser of the trip, a friend of Vonne’s father, is a retired geographer who used to organise these trips regularly for his students and knows the country well. Who better to lead you around the mountains of Morocco, the country which has its roots in Africa, but the leaves of which rustle in the European wind?

A dromedary watches out over the Moroccan desert. Morocco: more than just camels and desert. Clearly.

Our trip began in Marrakech, to lead along Azrou, the Gorges du Todra and Agdz, back to Marrakech. A varied route across both the plains and desert, as well as through the Middle and High Atlas mountains. With salesmen, tajines, castles, oases, dromedaries and much, much more!

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